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My name is Adam Appleyard and I’m the CEO and Founder of Appleyard Industries. I was born and raised in Windsor/Essex County which is located in Southwestern Ontario Canada. The City of Windsor (Canada) is located directly across from The City of Detroit Michigan (United States of America), separated only by the Detroit River.


I am a former Windsor Police Officer with 18+ years of experience. Since the start of my career as a Police Officer, I was assigned to the “road” which is considered or known as, a “beat-cop.” This is where I dealt with thousands of calls for service which ranged in severity and complexity depending on the “call for service.”  

Having to deal with thousands of calls and the unknown over my policing career, I was able to acquire a set of skills that allowed me to recognize current and future problems/issues that needed to be dealt with immediately.


Now, since I’m finished with the “Policing World,” and now working in the “Civilian World,” I’m able to view an issue/situation from both perspectives. I believe it’s best when the consultant you hire has worked, lived, and dealt with an issue/situation from both the Policing and Civilian World. It's great to have “book” knowledge but when it comes to securing your business, employees, etc., it’s my belief that someone with “hands-on” experience is far better then someone who just learned things from a book. 

Adam Appleyard. CEO of Appleyard Industries



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