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What is Physical Access control and why is it so important?


Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors. For example, it can be used Cannabis Facilities.


What is uniquely different about your company that separates you from the rest?


Our company is skilled enough to see both sides of the spectrum Civilian and Policing side. With 18+ years of experience as a Police Officer, Appleyard Industries exponentially allows us to find gaps where otherwise may be overlooked at times. Appleyard Industries is a firm that moves forward with skills and technology to better serve our clients and to keep our men and women safer than ever. 


Can you Provide a Risk and Security Plan for my Organization?


Our security management consulting services provide clients with the managerial, operational, and technical expertise of qualified professionals on a cost-effective, as-needed project basis.

Detailed safety and security assessments identify risk and specify protective measures ranging from straightforward procedures and controls to, where appropriate, the application of innovative technologies and training solutions. All recommendations are made with a balanced consideration of the client’s individual needs, financial resources, and business culture.

  • Physical Security Survey

  • Contractor or vendor audits to ensure you are receiving the value that you purchased.

  • Draft or evaluate emergency policies and procedures, crisis response plans, incident response protocols.

  • Development of cost-effective security programs for organizations, from initial implementation to training and coaching of on-site security personnel.


How can I make my workplace safer?

You can continually make your workplace safer by performing sporadic assessments of your operations. Appleyard Industry professionals provide security audit services and consulting. This type of plan can reveal existing gaps in your approach to workplace safety, and our specially trained representatives will provide you with a range of solutions to protect your operations.


How much does your service cost ?


Billing rates are determined on a case to case basis. Some factors that determine a billing rate are location, duration of required services, hours of coverage, and industry type. We guarantee that you will get the most VALUE for your money. However, that does not necessarily always equate to the lowest priced quote. Generally we come out on top as the most cost effective, but not always. In those cases where we aren’t, we strongly advise anyone who has received a lower quote than ours to look at the overall picture before making an informative decision. Educate yourself on what you are getting for what price, and remember: You are hiring security to protect your property and people. Choosing a security firm based on the lowest price and nothing else can net very negative results, such as poor employee retention, lack of effort on the job, etc.


Can Appleyard Industries help my company/facility meet Health Canada Requirements regarding Security in the Cannabis Sector?


The CEO, Adam Appleyard, has worked with some of the leaders in Security directly linked to the Cannabis industry. The CEO worked side by side with the leaders in developing the Security System for an Automated Cannabis Facility called Rolling In Green..


Why is there a “Secret Squirrel Emblem” associated with Appleyard Industries? 


Well, if you were to search Google for the definition of “Secret Squirrel” you would immediately notice that there are several different meanings for that term, but the most notable is a direct reference to a cartoon that ran from 1965 to 1966 that portrayed a cartoon squirrel completing “James Bond” type operations in order to protect classified information that either needed to be kept secure, stop someone from stealing the classified information, or stop someone from endangering the life or property of any individual or company that the classified information belongs too.


What cities do you provide security in?


We are proud to serve Windsor, Essex County and surrounding areas, but the possibilities are endless.



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